Thursday, September 30, 2010

Senate introduces Healthy Media for Youth Act (S.3852)

Did you know...

Nearly 90% of girls say the media places a lot of pressure on teenage girls to be thin.

Only 46% of girls think that the fashion industry does a good job of representing people of all races and ethnicities.

55% of teenage girls admit they diet to lose weight.

37% know a girl with an eating disorder (Girls; Body Image, 2010).

Girl Scouts of the USA took action to fix these problems and to help girls and young women see themselves in a new and stronger light. We worked to introduce the
Healthy Media for Youth Act (H.R. 4925) in the US House of Representatives. Recently, Senator Kay Hagan introduced (S. 3852) in the US Senate. This bill supports media literacy programs and youth empowerment groups, like the Girl Scouts, and encourages healthy, balanced, and positive images of girls and women in the media.

Ask your Senators to be a Voice for Girls and support S. 3852!
We have crafted a draft email for you that be sent at a click of a button. Remember it's your story-tell it!

Junior Girl Scout Teaches Others to Build Through Art

Allison of Troop 125 held an art class for Brownie Girl Scouts as well as non-member girls kindergarten through 3rd grade. She led the girls in earning the Building Art Try-It. She and the girls designed a meeting place for handicapped Girl Scout Troops, and they discovered different materials to make different things, and learned to build a city out of boxes, paper and other materials. Through earning her Bronze Award, Allison learned that it was important to plan enough time to get a project completed.

The Girl Scout Bronze Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Junior can earn. This award recognizes that a Girl Scout Junior has gained the leadership and planning skills required to follow through with a project that makes a positive difference in her community.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Troop 1236 Has Trusty Bovine

Shrek may have a noble steed, but Troop 1236 of Florence has a trusty bovine. The troop sponsored a cow for the Holy Herd of St. Francis. "Trusty" will be on display in front of the St. Joseph Catholic Church Girl Scout House throughout the month of October. Trusty the Bovine has been their troop mascot since 2008 when they did a dairy products themed badge. The idea of a cow as their mascot came about after they found great amusement in trying to get Girl Scouts to have a serious discussion at 2AM about the history of bovines in farming.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

GSNCA Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15- October 15, Girl Scouts everywhere are paying homage to Latinos. This month is a celebration of the diversity and rich culture of Hispanics across the country.

This celebration of Hispanic Heritage gives girls from all backgrounds the opportunity to come together to learn and connect with the Hispanic culture. This month serves as the perfect time to commemorate the outstanding literacy campaign in places such as Nicaragua by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS.)

Locally GSNCA has started its own Hispanic outreach by partnering with St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church to put on events for the local Hispanic community. GSNCA currently serves the Hispanic population through its uniquely ME! program, which combats many of the issues facing Hispanic pre-adolescent and adolescent aged girls. The core curriculum, which integrates the latest research from the Girl Scout Research Institute, consists of age appropriate booklets with information and exercises about recognizing one’s strengths and best attributes, identifying healthy media images, handling peer pressure, healthy eating habits, hygiene, general wellness, exercise and identifying core values and personal interests. The overall goal of uniquely ME! is to foster the growth of self-esteem within the realms of the participant’s intellectual, physical, psychological, social and mental development.

GSNCA will also participate in the 8th Annual Fiesta on October 23rd at Regions Park in Hoover. Girl Scouts will have activities for girls including the creation of friendship bracelets and swaps. Admission is free, learn more at Come Join Us!

We invite you to celebrate with Girl Scouts as we strive to provide young Latinas—and every girl—with the leadership skills and opportunities so they can make a powerful, positive and profound contribution to their community—and to our world!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Gold Awardee Creates Memory Wall in Winfield

Girl Scout Ambassador Jennifer of Winfield recently earned her Gold Award by creating a Memory Wall in Winfield City Park in hopes of raising awareness of Girl Scout efforts in her community. Jennifer also made stepping stones leading up to the wall with the Girl Scout Law engraved into them. Jennifer learned through this project that she needed to be more patient – especially with brick-laying! Jennifer is 18-years-old and attends Auburn University and is the daughter of Ed & Rachel.

The Girl Scout Gold Award is highest level of Girl Scout achievement. This award recognizes the Girl Scout Senior's or Ambassador's commitment to herself, her community, and her future. The girl who goes for the Gold embraces challenges, achieves excellence, and works diligently to make the world a better place, in her own unique way. Her leadership, vision and boundless energy is an inspiration to all Girl Scouts. Each girl earning her Gold Award demonstrates excellence through a leadership project totaling more than 65 hours. Girls who earn their Gold Award are also recognized by the President of the United States, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Armed Services, state legislatures, colleges and universities for admission and scholarship opportunities, and the American Legion.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flower Beds at Camp Trico Get Some TLC

Hannah of Troop 10472 in Huntsville identified a need for some TLC for the flower beds at Camp Trico in Guntersville. After cleaning out the overgrown flower beds, Hannah researched what plants would thrive in the conditions at the camp. She recruited help from Girl Scouts in her troop and their parents to help plant a variety of new flowers into the cleaned out beds. Hannah financed the purchase of the flowers and materials with money she raised selling Girl Scout Cookies. Her work and dedication have earned her the Girl Scout Silver Award.
The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn. This award symbolizes a Girl Scout Cadette’s accomplishments in Girl Scouting and community activities as she matures and works to better her life and the lives of others.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Silver Awardee Shows Hospitality

Kalifa of Troop 639 wanted to help Blount Hospitality House. The Blount Hospitality House provides lodging and supportive companionship for out-of-town relatives of patients in Huntsville area hospitals. Kalifa became aware of the Blount Hospitality House after a local youth music director’s husband had a heart attack. His family from North Carolina stayed at the Blount Hospitality House while he was in the hospital. It was his wife’s wish to thank the Hospitality House. Kalifa set a goal of collecting 100 items. She coordinated with the Pastor at Haven Baptist church, and with the help of others was able to collect 490 items. Kalifa realized she was able to rally people together to support her cause – the mark of a true leader!

The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn. This award symbolizes a Girl Scout Cadette’s accomplishments in Girl Scouting and community activities as she matures and works to better her life and the lives of others.