Friday, January 28, 2011

GSNCA Sells ALL EIGHT Varieties of Girl Scout Cookies

A recent national story reported that some Girl Scout Councils in the nation are part of a pilot program to eliminate some variety of cookies to focus on sales of others. Please note that the Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama is not one of those councils. We have all eight varieties, which include:
  • Dulce de Leche
  • Thank U Berry Munch
  • Thin Mints
  • Samoas
  • Trefoils
  • Tagalongs
  • Do-si-dos
  • Lemon Chalet Cremes

Customers can rest assured that our areas are selling the Dulce de Leche and the Thank U Berry Munch cookies. All eight varieties sell for $3.50 per box. Booth sales begin on February 11. You can use our new Cookie Locator iPhone app to locate your boxes of Dulce de Leche and Thank U Berry Munch.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Need Girl Scout Cookies? There's an App for That!

Starting today, Girl Scout Cookies are now just an app away! With the Girl Scout Cookie Locator app you can…
  • Search for sales in your neighborhood
  • Get details on your favorite Girl Scout Cookies
  • Have fun and find your Cookie Personality

The application, which is available for iPhones and iPod Touch, uses either GPS or manually-entered zip codes, cities or states to find cookie booths near the customer. The app will conveniently map those locations and add the sale information to the iPhone or iPod calendar. In addition to locating the booths, customers can learn about their favorite cookies, including nutritional value and ingredients. Cookie lovers can take a fun, interactive quiz to learn their “cookie personalities” as well.

“The app is one more way that the Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches girls important business, leadership and technology skills,” said Hilary Perry, Director of Communications & Advocacy.

Note: The Cookie Locator App only works in Council territories that use Little Brownie Bakers. Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama uses Little Brownie Bakers.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Girl Scout Creates Leadership Club for Freshmen

Margaret, a Juliette Girl Scout and a Senior at Spain Park High School, was concerned about the freshmen that attend Spain Park High School. She wanted to help ease their transition between middle school and high school. She developed a club called FLIP (Freshman Leaders Improving and Progressing). In this club the students learned about healthy living, drug, alcohol and tobacco education and awareness, and how to become better leaders and increase their involvement in student clubs. Margaret worked with middle school counselors to share the club’s application process with incoming Freshmen. She plans to use one of the school system’s existing surveys to determine the success of the FLIP club’s messages. Through earning her Gold Award, Margaret has learned about meeting planning and is no longer self conscious about speaking in front of groups. Margaret, a Hoover resident, is the daughter of Susan and Michael. She plans to attend the University of Georgia in the fall.
The Gold Award is highest level of Girl Scout achievement. This award recognizes the Senior & Ambassador Girl Scout’s commitment to herself, her community, and her future. The girl who goes for the Gold embraces challenges, achieves excellence, and works diligently to make the world a better place, in her own unique way. Her leadership, vision, and boundless energy is an inspiration to all Girl Scouts. Each girl earning her Gold Award demonstrates excellence through a leadership project totaling more than 65 hours. Girls who earn their Gold Award are also recognized by the President of the United States, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Armed Services, state legislatures, colleges and universities for admission and scholarship opportunities, and the American Legion.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Troop 287 Gets Poetic

Last November, Troop 287 of Alabaster, Al learned about poetry at a book signing hosted at The Harrison-Moore House in Montevallo, Al. Dr. Sheror Caton Moore, a local author, signed and read from her book “Treasurers in an Alabama Attic.” In addition to listening to poetry, the girls enjoyed a tea party and tour of the Harrison-Moore home. Dr. Moore is an award-winning poet and long time resident of Alabama who, through poetry, tackles life lessons in a fun and playful way.

Pictured are Girl Scouts Jessie Edwards, Gillian Baker, Shelby Stafford, Abbi Olliff, Allie Riley, Hannah Drolet and Alyssa Orear along with Dr. Sheror Caton Moore.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Your Story—Tell It!

Girl Scouts of the USA and Dove®, the leading personal care brand, partner to deliver Girl Scout leadership and self-esteem programming to millions of girls nationwide and abroad with the release of the latest Girl Scout leadership journey It's Your Story—Tell It! It's Your Story—Tell It! uses a storytelling theme in a fun and relevant way for girls to better understand themselves and their potential.

“Through girls hearing stories, sharing their stories, trying out new roles and creating their own stories, they gain confidence and see that they can make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others” says Andrea Bastiani Archibald, Ph.D. Developmental Psychologist at Girl Scouts of the USA. Building a strong sense of self is an underlying goal of the series, which was made possible in part by a generous grant from Dove.

The collection of six age appropriate publications or "leadership journeys" have been developed for girls grades K-12 and is accompanied by corresponding adult guides. These resources center on a different theme at each Girl Scout grade-level and encourage girls to take the lead in planning their leadership activities and projects.

The Journeys are central to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Each level of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience takes girls on a journey - a voyage to someplace new, with adventures and discoveries along the way. These adventures strengthen a girl’s ability to discover herself and her values, connect with others locally and globally and take action to make the world a better place.

"Girl Scouts of the USA believes that girls develop confidence and self-esteem through taking action," said Kathy Cloninger, CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA. "With this new journey, we saw an excellent opportunity to equip girls with the tools necessary in developing courage, confidence and character – three keys to leadership."

In fact, a national survey of girls’ use of social media released by Girl Scouts of the USA (Who's That Girl: Self Image in the 21st Century, 2010) finds that girls with low self-esteem are more likely to be susceptible to negative experiences on social networking sites than are girls with high self-esteem. They are also more likely to fall victim to hurtful behavior online and to engage in risky behavior. Building self-esteem does not happen overnight, but research shows that one way to accomplish this is through the development of leadership skills and competencies. Our national leadership journey program equips girls with these skills now and throughout their lives.

Moreover, increased self-esteem is a natural outcome of It's Your Story—Tell It! because, through storytelling and creative expression, girls gain a better understanding of themselves, learn how to reach their full potential and develop the confidence to become leaders in their own lives and in the world.