Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Backyard Habitats

The Morgan County Day Camp is recycling. Their theme is "Backyard Habitats" and besides working on Wildlife badges and Brownie Try-Its, the girls learned about the life cycle of butterflies and birds. A fun part of the camp was creating "Fairy Houses" using natural items (pine cones, leaves, sticks, etc.) and adding a little bit of "fairy dust" to attract the fairies! Each unit created a "house" and judged by creativity - awards were given at an awards ceremony.

For crafts, campers brought plastic laundry and fabric softener bottles, which were transformed (with stickers and paint pens) into "watering cans" for the girls to help with watering flowers and gardens at home.

Also, clear plastic peanut butter jars, deli meat trays, and other bottles were made into "bug jars", so that bugs could be collected and observed. The girls also picked up trash all over the part of Sparkman Park in Hartselle - so we indeed left the park better than we found it!