Monday, September 21, 2009

JSU Student Earns Gold Award

Beatrice recently earned her Gold Award by collecting shoes and purses for single mothers and battered women who are served by the Oak Mountain Mission. Beatrice’s project, titled, YouNiquie Women: You Are Special, involved a day where she made the women of the Mission feel special by offering facials and massages, as well as educational material on health issues, nutrition, exercise, skin care and dressing for success. To ensure the projects’ success, Beatrice had solicit donations for supplies, time and other resources. She also had to create a back-up plan in case women from local shelters were not able to get transportation to the site of the special day by creating packages and delivering them. Beatrice is the daughter of Kerry and Georgiana of Birmingham. A graduate of Oak Mountain High School, she is currently a student at Jacksonville State University.