Friday, October 23, 2009

Court of Awards

Recently Girl Scout Troop 1046 in Scottsboro held a Court of Awards ceremony, Bronze Award presentation ceremony, Bridging ceremony and Rededication ceremony. These took place at the Girl Scout Cabin in King Caldwell Park. Pictured at the ceremony are Whitney Moore, Hannah Anderson, Susan Sabia and Rachel Muir. Other troop members include Latasha Knopps and Breexi Overby. Leaders are Susan Nickolson, Ginia Riggs, Sylvia Sabia and Melissa Zech.

At the Court of Awards, the girls received many awards (badges, Interest Project Awards and pins) which they have earned during the Spring and Summer of 2009.

Rachel Muir is pictured receiving her Bronze Award Pin from her mother, and Junior Leader, Melissa Zech. To earn her Bronze Award, Rachel completed all of the preliminary requirements and completed a special project. Her project was to develop a scrapbook and brochure on Day Cares in Scottsboro. It is her hope that newcomers will take advantage of the information that she gathered. Her scrapbook and copies of the brochure are available at the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.

Junior Rachel Muir Bridged from Junior Girl Scouts to Cadette Girl Scouts. Hannah Anderson, Whitney Moore and Susan Sabia bridged from Senior Girl Scouts to Ambassador Girl Scouts.

The ceremony concluded with all girls and leaders re-committing themselves to another year in Girl Scouts.