Monday, November 30, 2009

Water Everywhere @ the McWane Center

Twelve girls of Brownie Troop 536 earned their Water Everywhere Try-It at the McWane Camp-In. The troop earned the Try-It by discovering what is made of water and how it mixes with other things so it doesn’t look like water. The girls looked at the ingredients for a variety of items and listed which ones had water and which ones didn’t. The Girl Scouts also learned about water conservation and listed three ways to conserve water for two weeks. The girls were introduced to animals that live in and around the water and they were able to touch several of them. They also enjoyed learning about water layers and did a science activity to learn about water density. By mixing water, salt and food coloring, the girls learned that fresh water stays on top because it’s not as heavy as the salt water. And finally the girls ended the night by watching the IMAX movie Under the Sea. The event was a great experience and great fun was had by all!

Pictured: Girl Scouts learning about water density