Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bring Back The Camp Coleman Bridge

GSNCA appreciates the volunteers and community members who joined us for the “Bring Back our Bridge” meeting on Monday, April 5th. We had an audience with Commissioner Bobby Humphryes to express our desire for Jefferson County to restore the public bridge that also serves Camp Coleman. As the Commissioner shared, and we have known, the bridge belongs to County.

Many folks have asked how they can help. Girl Scouts has a keen interest in seeing the bridge reopened but we also know that ultimate responsibility for opening the bridge is the responsibility of the County. You can help by lobbying the Commissioners to make the bridge reopening a priority. We are not advocating that people begin a fundraising campaign because the bridge is the property of the County thus Girl Scouts cannot raise money for the County just as we cannot raise money for any other entity. Please do not send funds for the bridge because we cannot turn gifts around to the County.

We CAN continue to collect signatures on our petition and regularly communicate with the Commissioners through letters, calls and emails to let them know it is important. We CAN lobby the other public entities who can make donations of support of the bridge. And we CAN look forward to supporting Camp Coleman's 85th birthday. There will be many ways for you to support Camp Coleman.

We will update you as our efforts to communicate with the Commissioners continue and thank you for your support of Camp Coleman and Girl Scouts.

Visit our Facebook page for updates. If you would like to sign the petition, please click here.