Friday, May 7, 2010

Vestavia Girls Earn Bronze Award

Savannah, Emma, Samantha, Meredith, Hannah, Olivia, Katie and Greta of Troop 445 chose to help the Oak Mountain Wildlife Center for their Bronze Award project. Each spring the Oak Mountain Wildlife Center has several baby song birds that come into the center and need rehabilitation. In order to keep them safe and secure, the bird cages need nets—so the girls chose to make the nets for the cages. Making the nets included cutting, sewing and pulling elastic through the nets. The girls enjoyed knowing that they were doing good things for the animals and enjoyed working as a team. Even though the project seemed overwhelming at times, the girls were proud of their accomplishment and learned new things while also making an impact.

Troop 141 members Stephanie, Anna, Abbey, Haley, Cameron and Elizabeth learned that bottle caps are not always properly disposed of can be thrown in the ocean and cause sea animals to choke. For their Bronze Award project, the troop decided they would collect and recycle bottle caps. The girls sent a note home at a local elementary school to let the students know about their project. Their instructions were to put the bottle caps in Ziploc bags in multiples of five and ten. They handed out baskets for the bottle caps to be put in and at the end of every two weeks they collected them and counted them and then turned over the bottle caps to be recycled. Over nine weeks, these Girl Scouts collected more than 52,000 bottle caps. They liked that they could help the earth, but also wished they could have spent more time at the school teaching the students more about the importance of recycling. The girls really felt a sense of accomplishment that they had made a difference in their world by helping protect animals that might have been in danger from the bottle caps.