Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mountain Brook Girls Learn from the Elderly

Mountain Brook Troop 231 is doing their part by volunteering for Collat Jewish Family Services. CJFS serves the needs of the elderly and financially and emotionally distressed individuals. For their project the girls are interviewing employees, clients and volunteers working with CJFS. CJFS will then be able to use these interviews for their website, annual meetings and grant applications. One woman the girls have found a special connection with is Cecelia. Cecelia is a remarkable 99 year old woman who lives in Birmingham. After interviewing her for their project, the girls realized that they really enjoyed talking to her. Now, as a sub project, they will be visiting Cecelia once a month and hope to get the opportunity to celebrate her 100th birthday with her on March 5. Some girls have gotten involved in making scarves for cancer patients as another sub project. The girls got involved with this project after interviewing the founder of the knitting group, Roz Feigelson, for CFJS. The troop is very excited about the many projects they have going on and appreciate the opportunities that working for CJFS has given them.

Pictured: Riva, Michelle, Gracie, Grace, Jessica, Cara