Thursday, July 8, 2010

Healthy Media for Youth Act

Were you shocked by this video that circulated last month of young girls in minimal clothing dancing provocatively to "Single Ladies"? Are you worried girls are getting the message that their physical appearance is the best way to gain attention and prominence? Is there anything we can do about the unhealthy images and messages that girls see every day?

Yes! The Healthy Media for Youth Act is an important step towards a new reality for girls: one in which they see themselves in a new and stronger light.

We need your help NOW more than ever before. Our goal is to secure 75 co-sponsors before the end of this legislative cycle - and there is not much time left! With 41 co-sponsors, we are over half-way there, but your support is crucial. Send your letter today and help ensure that your U.S. Representative is the next one to support the bill. By using our GIRL POWER we can make real change!

If you want to make the world a better place for girls, TAKE ACTION! Join Girl Scouts as we advocate for healthier media images. Send a letter of support for the Healthy Media for Youth Act (H.R. 4925) to your Member of Congress today.