Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sowing Seeds of Health Partners with Girl Scouts

On Saturday January 22, families gathered for the community-based educational event entitled Sowing Seeds of Health in Huntsville. Sowing Seeds of Health presented parents of the Latino community with information about breast and cervical cancer.

Meanwhile the 22 girls and boys had a chance to experience Girl Scouts’ uniquely ME! program. Girl Scout volunteers led discussions about what makes everyone unique and why being unique is important. 

“All the children were bright, energetic and courteous. It was amazing to see them work together to solve problems,” said Jennifer Moody, Community Development Specialist. 

The children worked together as teams to build birdhouses and make friendship bracelets. “Each child had his or her own strengths, and by working together they completed their projects more creatively than if they had worked individually.”
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