Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alumnae Spotlight - Nancy Covert

Nancy Covert, President of Dale Carnegie Training of North and Central Alabama, joined Girl Scouts in 1970 as a Browine and continued to Cadettes. Originally from Bloomington, IL, Nancy attended Illinois State University and now resides in Alabama. She is married with two children and her daughter is a Girl Scout.

During your experience as a Girl Scout, what would you say was the most valuable lesson you retained?
I learned a lot of sales and leadership skills. Selling Girl Scout Cookies and calendars were my favorite things to do. I am also motivated by recognition, so earning badges was my top priority. I earned every available badge while I was a Brownie and Junior.

What was your most awarding experience in Girl Scouting?
In addition to my church, Girl Scouts was an organization that taught me values by participating in things like Girl Scout camp and selling cookies.

What is one of your favorite Girl Scout memories?
My first year selling Girl Scout cookies, I told my Mom I was going to sell the most. She told me that I should consider lowering my goal because I was much younger than the other girls. I went to every door and presented my order form. I informed our neighbors that by selling cookies I was learning valuable skills that I would need in the future to run a company. I explained that this would allow me to raise money for our troop so we could go to camp. I didn't take no for an answer. If they still didn't buy, I went back the next day, just in case they changed their mind. I learned tenacity and I utilize this every day. I also delivered every box of cookies in my little red wagon, counted my money and sold the most cookies in the Centrillio Council!

Looking back now, how did Girl Scouts improve your self-esteem, confidence and education as a child? Are those effects still a part of your life today?
Yes, these are a big part of my life today. I use nearly all the skills I developed in Girl Scouts to do my job especially the sales and budgeting skills.

What advice can you give to young Girl Scouts today?

Join, get involved, make new friends, learn some hobbies and take advantage of the Girl Scout adventure! It is an experience you will never forget.