Thursday, May 19, 2011

GSNCA Honors Volunteers

The Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama recently honored many volunteers whose service and dedication went above and beyond in 2010. We also recognized those with 20 or more years of volunteering. We thank you all for your hard work and support! We couldn’t do it without you!

Appreciation Pin: The service performed by the honoree(s) is outstanding, above and beyond the expectations for the position held, and is delivered to at least one geographic division or service unit within the Council jurisdiction, and contributes to the Council’s goals and objectives.
Janell Alexander – Verla Price Service Unit
Mary Lynn Morris – Verla Price Service Unit
Tanya Ott-Fulmore – Shades Mountain Service Unit

Honor Pin: Recognizes volunteers actively giving outstanding service by significantly contributing to membership growth and retention, resource development, or increased community visibility in more than two geographic areas within the Council’s jurisdiction.
Celia Hatch – Mountain South Service Unit
Mandy Rowley – Verla Price Service Unit
Tina Waggoner – Cahaba Valley Service Unit

President’s Award: Recognizes the efforts of a geographic area team or program delivery team in moving its assigned area or audience toward achievement of the Council’s goals during a fiscal or membership year.
Rainbow Service Unit, Southside, AL

Outstanding Leader Award: For a troop/group leader, assistant leader, or coordinator for outstanding performance in working with girls who completes appropriate training or demonstrate ability/skills for the position, and demonstrates competence in at least two of the following: involving adults in the community to help broaden the program opportunities for girls, increasing girl membership to support the council membership goal, implementing the Girl Scout Leadership Experience in troop activities, helping girls to recognize, understand, and practice the values of inclusive behavior, or building an effective By Girls, For Girls approach with girls.
Michelle Newman
Julie Rowe
Susan Evonne Patterson
Amanda Hardigee
Kathie Beach
Stacie Thompson
Marla Morgan
Wendy Demeski
Heather Klinner
Mandi Gonzalez

Outstanding Volunteer Award: For a volunteer in a position other than leader who completes appropriate training or demonstrates ability/skills for the position, performs at a level that exceeds the expectations of the position as outlined in the position description agreement in one or more of the following areas: membership, program, resource development, pluralism, marketing and communications, strategic leadership/governance, human resources. Also actively recognizes, understands, and practices the values of inclusive behavior.
Kathy Smith
Jennifer Ray
Laura Ellis
Melanie Rogers
Deatrice Johnson
Donna Holt
Laura Roberts
Lisa Watson
Meddra Raylene Gaddis
Paige Fell

45-year Volunteer Pin:
Alice Williams

35-year Volunteer Pin:
Erlinda Jones
Lynn Bloodsworth
Marti Baldwin
Sally Barnett
Stacy West

30-year Volunteer Pin:
Cheryl Lott
Jack Baldwin
Janette Humes
Judith Hatch
Judy Neil
Linda Layfield

25-year Volunteer Pin:
Barbara Walters
Dora Marrisette
Edith Vinson
Frances Faulks
Melody Johnson
Rosie Kelly
Ruby Archie
Aaron Tews
Debbie Tews

20-year Volunteer Pin:
Andrea Montgomery
Kathy Baier
Linda Boothe
Pamela Lynn Cook
Sarah Potter
Steven Hobbs