Friday, August 5, 2011

Girl Scouts Offer Affordable & Fun Activities in Centennial Year

Volunteers Also Needed for 2011-2012
For 100 years, Girl Scouts have been having fun while learning. Through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, girls have opportunities to travel all over the country and internationally, explore science and technology, learn about finances and a healthy lifestyle, and build valuable leadership skills. The Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama (GSNCA) offers age-appropriate programs with real experiences that prepare Girl Scouts for all aspects of life. Girl Scout experiences are also, as much as possible, girl-led and encourage learning by doing.

Any girl age 5-17 can have opportunities like these by registering to be a Girl Scout! Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama invites girls of all ages to join. Girl Scouting is one of the most affordable extracurricular activities for girls, at only $12 a year for membership. Scholarships are available for uniforms, programs and materials. Individual troop dues are determined by the troop leaders and parents.
Now is a great time to join Girl Scouts! In honor of our 100th anniversary, GSNCA has created some new activities for girls, including the ability to earn a 100-year patch for participating in specific centennial programs, and new travel opportunities including trips to southern California, Pennsylvania and even a cruise!
Also, GSNCA is in need of troop leaders and other volunteers. Adults over 19, both male and female, can help with programs, lead troops, volunteer with events, serve on committees, help at camps or work with girls virtually.
Visit for more information and to contact your local staff member at 800-734-4541.