Thursday, October 20, 2011

How 18 Girls Became 50 Million Women

The Girl Scouts organization has shaped the lives of more than 50 million alumnae alive today, among them many of our nation’s female leaders. A national poll of American women, in fact, found that two-thirds of women of professional achievement, and more than three-fourths of those who were deemed “women of distinction” had been Girl Scouts in their youth. The same poll found that more than four out of five successful professional women who had been Girl Scouts rated their Girl Scout involvement as helping them achieve later success.

In other words, the Girl Scouts stand for much more than cookies, camping and crafts. There is no other organization remotely comparable in size, experience and resources devoted to developing the leadership in girls. Kathy Cloninger, former CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, tells her story in the new book Tough Cookies: Leadership Lessons from 100 Years of the Girl Scouts.

Tough Cookies addresses one of our nation’s most underused resources: girls, and the women they ultimately can become. Kathy Cloninger makes a convincing case for the enormous untapped potential of America’s girls and issues a ringing call to action to girls, boys, parents, the business community and public to help females make a better, stronger and more prosperous future for all.

The Tough Cookies story is not only a celebration of leadership, citizenship, service, confidence and character, but a testament to a movement that continues to transform lives and multiply across the globe. The proceeds from Tough Cookies go to Girl Scouts of the USA. By buying your copy today you are helping us support our nation’s girls and our nation’s future. For more information, visit