Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Girl Scouts Challenge 100 Girls to Earn Religious Awards for 100th Anniversary

The Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama encourages Girl Scouts to pursue religious awards to help them explore their faith. These religious scouting awards are offered to all girls and include God and Me, I Live My Faith Award, God and Life and Mary, the First Disciple Award – each badge offering age-appropriate material and activities. There are also awards for adults.

“Girl Scouting encourages girls to grow strong in faith,” says Trish Coghlan, chief executive officer of GSNCA and member at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. “We hold up three fingers when we make the Girl Scout Promise because there are three parts to the promise. The first part of the promise is to ‘serve God.’ One way a Girl Scout can ‘serve God’ is to earn the religious award of her faith and to wear the award on her uniform.”

Additionally, GSNCA would like to challenge 100 girls to earn their religious awards in honor of our 100th anniversary. There is a kindergarten through 5th grade workshop planned for the morning of January 7, 2012 at St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church in Shelby County. Additional workshops will be scheduled upon request of Girl Scout leaders and parishes. This may be done as a troop or as individuals. There are virtual opportunities available for older girls as well.

For information on the workshop, or if you are interested in older girl opportunities, contact Mary Jo Cree at maryjo@me.com.

For a listing of PRAY awards, please visit our website at www.girlscoutsnca.org/volunteers/forms-and-resources/patch-programs and click on PRAY Awards or www.praypub.org to view all of the awards available for different denominations. There are also awards available from the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministries at www.nfcym.org/gscf/recognitions.htm.