Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ashlyn Earns P.R.A.Y Four-Star Award

GSNCA would like to recognize Ashlyn, a member of Girl Scout Troop 10737 and a 10th grader at Bob Jones High School, who was recently awarded the Four-Star Award from the Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (P.R.A.Y.) To be a Four-Star recipient in the P.R.A.Y. Program of Religious Emblems, a person must complete every program of the P.R.A.Y. series from God and Me through God and Life. Ashlyn and her family are members of Messiah Lutheran Church in Madison.
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About P.R.A.Y. 
P.R.A.Y. is best known for religious awards programs. The P.R.A.Y. program helps young people to develop a deeper relationship with God and to understand how God is active in their lives and in the world around them. It is a Christian Education resource that uses Bible lessons paired with service projects to help young people not only to grow in Christian faith but to also express their faith by reaching out in love and in service to others. P.R.A.Y. encourages families, youth agencies, and Protestant congregations to use the P.R.A.Y. series to foster spiritual growth in children, youth and families.