Monday, July 23, 2012

Soiree@SoHo Role Model: Trey Cummings

Trey Cummings has quietly become one of the best real estate professionals in Birmingham. He tirelessly leads three different companies as well as consults others. As the Managing Member and Owner of Crown Acquisition, LLC, Trey assists private real estate investment companies to purchase real estate then renovate and sell the properties for profit. Trey has assisted in over 120 of these type transactions since 2005. Trey's duties include the acquisition, budgeting and management of renovations, and coordination of selling the properties. Trey holds an Alabama Real Estate Broker’s License and is an Associate Broker with Bentley Realty Group, Inc. As a real estate agent, Trey has sold over 60 properties totaling almost $9 million since 2006.

In 2009 and 2010 Trey helped create two rental holding companies and manages over 20 rental properties. Each property positively cash flows and has built-in equity.

In addition, Trey serves as Vice President on the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s (UAB) National Alumni Society Board of Directors and as President-Elect for the Alys Stephens Center Junior Patrons Board of Directors. As a member of the Alys Stephens Center Junior Patrons Board of Directors, Trey has helped raise funds for kids programs at ArtPlay through the group’s annual event “College Rewind." Trey was recently Chair of the 2012 “College Rewind” event which raised over $22,000 for ArtPlay.

Trey enjoys playing golf, running, cycling, boating and reading. Trey’s favorite past time is spending time and vacationing with his wife Mary and daughters Kinsley and Marian.

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