Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Girl Scouts' Savannah Trip Coldest on Record

Girl Scout Troop 419 of Vestavia Hills traveled to Savannah, Ga., on President's Day weekend. They braved the cold city streets on one of the coldest days on record for the area. The day started with a special interest session where the girls met Troop 300 of Cary, N.C. “Come into my parlor,” the guide said, as the girls stepped back into the late 19th century. They had a lot of fun with their fellow Girl Scouts as they modeled dresses from the period inspired by Queen Victoria and played parlor games.

Afterwards, they trekked down River Walk’s brisk streets during lunch against gale force winds and sleet. “We loved the hot chocolate best on River Walk,” Girl Scout Sydney remarked. Another Girl Scout, Grace, said, “It burned my tongue, but it was worth it!” 

The group then walked back to Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace for a special tour of her childhood home. Girl Scout Elena said, “I loved the furniture and how the rooms were set up!” Grace discovered that the spiral staircase was really steep, and Cameron noted that the garden outside was beautiful and well maintained. Elizabeth remarked how large the aloe plant was!

They spent the rest of the day touring Juliette’s town, and wandered into the Savannah Candy Kitchen for a tour. The pralines were scrumptious and Morgan especially enjoyed the homemade ice cream. Jane Margaret’s favorite part of the tour was when the tour guide told us they were going to make the troop leader, Laura, eat a baked cricket. Co-leader Dale  watched in disbelief as Laura devoured the bacon flavored nasty cricket! Eek!

They then hiked to dinner at the Pirates House, the oldest building in Savannah. There is where ghost stories are combined with a wonderful dining experience complete with pirates! We finished our day with a Ghost carriage tour where Girl Scout Lydia had some ghost stories of her own to share. 

After a good night’s rest, the girls braved the frigid Tybee River and kayaked several miles while earning the Coastal GA patch. All of the girls also earned the Polar Bear patch, as this was the coldest Savannah trip on record!