Wednesday, June 12, 2013

GSNCA Board of Directors Approves Property Plan Resolution

This morning the board of directors for Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama unanimously voted in favor of a resolution to reconsider the three phase property plan approved in May 2012. The resolution states that no GSNCA camp properties will be sold during the re-evaluation process pending the outcome of a new comprehensive strategic plan that will be developed for the organization. This plan will include obtaining new input from the membership, outside experts and community partners.

“The original intent of the 2012 property plan was to continue offering camping in fewer facilities across the Council's geography while expanding program opportunities and improving standards,” said Rachel Russell, board president.

“Since the plan was unveiled, a number of our membership has raised concerns about the closing and sale of camp properties as detailed in the three phase property plan, and the impact it may have on Girl Scouts as a whole. Many firmly believe that if given the opportunity, they can help GSNCA by raising enough community support to aid in the ongoing operational and capital needs of the camps,” said Russell. “We will continue to include our membership in this new strategic planning process to help garner the best and most creative solutions in determining how we best meet, grow and sustain our Girl Scout outdoor programs for generations to come.” 

To view the entire resolution and other property updates, please follow this link: