Monday, September 30, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Charlene Irizzary

Charlene Irizzary has been a Girl Scout volunteer in the Albertville area since 2010, when her daughter was able to join. Originally from Puerto Rico, Charlene participated in Girl Scouts from Brownie level to Senior level. She remembers traveling to Space Camp in Florida, and to camp several times. Her experience as a child made her want to pay it forward, so she volunteered.

Her troop has participated in several activities, including visiting recycling centers, donating their time at a food pantry, participating in fashion shows, camps, sleepovers, field trips and, of course, the Girl Scout Cookie Program! Her troop was even featured in the local newspaper when they introduced the new 100th Anniversary Savannah Smiles cookie to the market. That year, Troop 50’s goal was to donate part of their earnings from the cookie sale to children suffering from cancer.

Charlene says, “What makes my troop special is first of all, the girls are full of joy, enthusiasm and they love Girl Scouts. Most of my girls started this journey with me and they are still strong.”

The second component is the support and interaction between Charlene and her co-leader Sally Mullinax. Charlene says, “We are both what I call ‘hard-core Girl Scouts.’ We love Girl Scouts and are totally invested in our girls!”

Pictured from left to right: Sally Mullinax, co-leader, Troop 50; Girl Scout Aolanys, Charlene's daughter; Charlene Irizarry, troop leader, Troop 50.