Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Laura Green

Laura Green has led Troop 40002 in Tuscaloosa for 11 years with either Paige Mize or DeAnna Harriss as co-leader. During those 11 years, she was able mentor 43 girls. She is also involved with Troop 2, which consists of girls that have been involved since they were four years old.

During the day Laura works in an office managing accounts and details for a construction company. At night and on the weekend, she transforms into the “fearless friend of teenage girls.”

Laura’s Girl Scouts experience began as a Girl Scout in Hamilton, Ala., with her mother as her troop leader. Her mother introduced Laura to troop meetings, day camp, camping and, of course, Girl Scout cookies. She started volunteering when her oldest daughter was eight and her youngest was four years old.

Laura says she used to be a shy person, preferring instead to blend into the background. Her girls wouldn’t have it. They wanted to go to Europe, volunteer for numerous organizations around town, go camping, be leaders and do ordinary girl things like shopping and staying up all night watching movies and eating chocolate. She says, “Here I am a changed woman because I wanted to help girls reach their dreams.”

Community service gets girls involved in the betterment of their communities. Laura’s troop has been involved with Pine Valley Retirement Home, D.H.R., Foster Family Association, the Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse and more. They also volunteered after the tornado hit Tuscaloosa in April 2011.

Twelve of the girls in Laura’s troop are now in college. They all received scholarships for leadership, public speaking and self confidence—skills they learned through Girl Scouting. Most of the girls finished in the top 10 of their graduating classes. She feels that even in high school, girls need new experiences so they can feel ready for the wider world.
She and Troop 40002 have attended the Girl Scouts National Convention in Atlanta; visited Atlanta and Savannah, Ga., including the Juliette Gordon Low house; camped at several places including DeSoto Caverns, Camp Coleman and even the back yard. The girls also love swimming, whitewater rafting, snow skiing, zip lining and more.

Three of Laura’s Girl Scouts are Gold Awardees, and one of her girls, Martha Grace, was recognized as the top Scout in the state this year. 

“Girl Scouting has taught me that I can be an effective and assertive leader,” Laura says. “I am a better person because of what the girls expect from me.”