Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2015 Day & Resident Camp Dates, Campership Application Details

2015 Resident and Day Camp Schedule
Camp Cottaquilla  
Resident Camp Weeks (Sun-Fri): May 31–June 5 & June 7-12
Day Camp Weeks (Mon-Fri): June 1–5 & June 8-12 

Camp Coleman
Resident Camp Weeks (Sun-Fri): June 14 -19 & June 21-26
Day Camp Weeks: (Mon-Fri) May 26 – July 31  

Kanawahala Program Center (KPC)
Resident Camp Weeks (Sun-Fri): June 28 – July 2; July 8-10 & July 12-17
Day Camp Weeks (Mon-Fri):  June 29-July2, July 8-10, & July 13-17

Camp Trico
Resident Camp Weeks (Sun – Fri): July 12-17 and July 19-24
Day Camp Weeks (Mon- Fri): July 13-17 and July 20-24

Campership Information
Girls with demonstrated financial need can apply for a Campership to help them attend the summer camp program of their choice. Camperships help to ensure that every girl, everywhere has access to outdoor education opportunities. Please note deadlines below when submitting a Campership Application.  Application is available on page 48 of Pathway Opportunities or download the campership application.
February 1: Applications must be received at the Birmingham Service Center. (Feb 1 is a firm deadline; email address for notification is mandatory.)
February 2: Data from applications received by Feb. 1 is transcribed and forwarded to the Campership Committee for screening and review.
February 10: Campership Committee meets for group review of applications that were received by Feb. 1.
 February 12–15: Campership award amounts are finalized for applications that were received by Feb. 1
February 16–18: Campership applicants whose forms were received by Feb. 1 are notified via email. Please note, if an email address is not provided, notification is impossible.
February 21: Registration begins for summer camp programs.
February 23–27:  If funding remains after all “on time” applications are awarded, the Campership Committee may review any applications received after Feb. 1. Please note, if an application is received after Feb. 1, notification of award amount will be well after the Feb. 22 opening day of registration.

Help! I want to go to camp!  Where do I start? Who do I contact?
All six camps are available for reservations!
Check out Pathway Opportunities for guidelines and procedures (pg. 43-47)  
Check pricing for facilities (pg. 45-47) and staffed program activities (pg. 44).
Select a location (choose more than one) and date (choose more than one).
Reserve your location/date. 
     For any camp, contact Jasmine Paullin jpaullin@girlscoutsnca.org  205-490-2252 or
     Tonya Sails tsails@girlscoutsnca.org 205-453-9526.
 For staffed program activities, scheduling, meals, food service..