Friday, April 17, 2009

Girls Earn Gold Awards

Rebecca of Huntsville recently earned her Gold Award for her project entitled "Holy Spirit Church Database" The Gold Award the highest level of achievement a Girl Scout can reach and requires 65 hours of planning or service. The Gold Award honors the girl's commitment to service, her community and to her future. To earn her Gold Award, Rebecca created a written record of every valuable item in each room of her church. The church had no record of what was in each room, and if an accident or theft were to occur, its members would have no way of knowing how much was lost. Rebecca took pictures of all the items and organized them in a database. She then educated church members on how to use the database and keep their valuables safe and organized.

Jessi of Hartselle also recently earned her Gold Award for her project to redesign the upstairs dormitory at the Carver Baptist Center in New Orleans. The center is used to house groups who come to volunteer to improve the community and help rebuild New Orleans. Jessi painted the room and put up new blinds and hardware. She also refinished and repaired the wood cabinetry and refinished the metal shelving. Now thanks to Jessi's hard work, volunteers have a more pleasant environment to stay in when they visit the Caver Baptist Center.

of Hartselle also earned her Gold Award for her work at the Carver Baptist Center. For her project, Whitney refurbished Carver's playground and made it larger, safer and more attractive to visitors. She added equipment to the playground and extended the play set by adding a ladder and a slide. She also fixed the broken monkey bars and replaced an unsafe climbing wall with a new, safer version. She also left some physical fitness guidelines for children at Carver in hopes that the playground's future visitors could benefit from them.