Friday, April 17, 2009

Huntsville Girl Earns Gold Award

Amethyst of Huntsville recently earned her Gold Award for her project entitled "Young Girls Health Initiative." The Gold Award the highest level of achievement a Girl Scout can reach and requires 65 hours of planning or service. The Gold Award honors the girl's commitment to service, her community and to her future. To earn her Gold Award, Amethyst created a program to educate young girls about various health issues they may face as they enter young adulthood. She covered topics ranging from pregnancy and STD prevention to dating, self-image and body issues. Amethyst enlisted the help of health professionals from around Madison County and A&M University to come speak to the girls. She even made TV and radio appearances to promote the event. Amethyst's hard work and dedication to this project truly embodies the spirit of the Gold Award and what it means to be a Girl Scout. Congratulations, Amethyst!