Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holidays Around The World 2009

Holidays Around the World was hosted by Hoover’s Cadette Troop 465 on December 5 at Shades Crest Baptist Church. The group invited several other older Girl Scout troops to research the holiday customs and traditions of different countries for younger Girl Scouts to visit.

The event welcomed 185 younger Girl Scout “tourists” who took a “trip around the world,” learning about other cultures and the different ways holidays are celebrated in 13 countries/other areas of the world.

Girl Scouts visited Italy, Hawaii, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, France, Denmark, Poland, China, Wales, Tanzania and Israel. In Italy the girls learned about the old witch, La Befana, and made angel ornaments. At a luau in Hawaii, girls learned to hula dance and tasted pineapple and authentic Hawaiian poi. In Germany the girls learned about the Nativity, St Nicholas and the candy cane, and also decorated gingerbread man cookies. Girls who visited Ireland learned about a traditional Irish Christmas dinner and danced an Irish jig. In Japan, Girl Scouts learned about Girls’ Day, and learned to bow and say hello in Japanese and made an origami doll.

Those who visited Mexico tasted several different foods and those who visited France listened to music played on French horns and were treated to French chocolate truffles. In Denmark the visitors learned about Danish customs and made paper Christmas cones which they filled with cookies while girls who went to Poland learned to Polka and also tasted some authentic Polish fare. In China the girls learned about Chinese New Year and made Chinese lanterns while snacking on fortune cookies and in Wales the girls learned Welsh Christmas traditions in and enjoyed a tasty treat. Visitors to Tanzania learned about the Swahili language and about Christmas celebrations in that country. Israel’s visitors learned about Hanukah, dreidels, and other Jewish customs and history.

Troop 465 donated the proceeds from Holidays Around the World to sponsor an Angel Tree family for Christmas. Please click here to see all photos from the event!