Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Operation Greener and Cleaner

Amie Katherine earned her Gold Award by providing education and awareness for high school students. She partnered with Caroline Meintzer on the project “Greener and Cleaner.” Amie’s main task was to build and design wooden recycling bins that would organize their school’s recycling shed. She also built drop-off bins for families who don’t have curbside recycling pickup. “Our whole school is being impacted by the recycling bins that we have set up in our school recycling shed as well as those stationed in the back parking area of our school,” Amie states. “The most successful aspect of my project was the positive influence that it had on exciting the students to become more environmentally aware.”

Amie is a sophomore at Paul W. Bryant High School and she is the daughter of Danny and Norma of Tuscaloosa County.