Friday, February 3, 2012

Over the Mountain Girls Earn Girl Scout Gold Awards

Abigail | Encounter Your Faith Retreat
The goal of Abigail’s project was to help the middle school youth at her church parish encounter and increase their Catholic faith. Abigail worked diligently to put together a program she thought the youth would benefit from and that would focus on trust, faith and friendship. She planned many activities including skits, games, reflections and a guest speaker. To keep costs low, Abigail found reasonably priced meals, T-shirts and notebooks for the day’s event. Abigail’s parish lacks youth involvement, and she hopes that as a result of her project that the youth leaders will be able to plan future events that are fun and educational. Abigail reveals, “I learned that the younger youth look up to me, and therefore it is important that I lead by example and be a good Catholic Christian.”

Abigail is a tenth grader at Spain Park High School.

De Ora | Eye Can See
De Ora  chose her project when she realized that children living at the Lovelady Center did not receive comprehensive eye and vision exams. The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry (UABSO) already provided exams for mothers, but because the exams took place during school hours, the children missed out on the opportunity. De Ora recognized that healthy vision is vital to development and success in school, and took it upon herself to work closely with UABSO and the Lovelady Center to incorporate yearly eye exams into the children’s summer programs. Now at each visit, second and third year optometry students can examine 30 children at a time.

“I learned that leadership requires courage, character and responsibility,” said De Ora, “It requires working with others to accomplish a goal and compromising when needed.”

De Ora is a sophomore at Briarwood Christian School.

 Myrah | Saving Trees, Let’s Recycle
Myrah used her Gold Award project to establish a recycling program at her high school. To spread the word about her project, Myrah published an article in her school’s spring newspaper discussing the benefits of recycling and announcing that bins would be placed in each classroom in the fall semester. She also delivered flyers around her community encouraging people to add curbside recycling to their waste management services. To ensure that her program continues once she graduates, Myrah established an E-Club for school administrators and staff. Since completing her project in September, Myrah continues to share recycling statistics once a month in the school broadcast and e-news to ensure that the program stays at the forefront of student issues. 

Myrah is a sophomore at Oak Mountain High School.

About the Gold Award
The Gold Award is highest level of Girl Scout achievement. This award recognizes the Senior & Ambassador Girl Scout’s commitment to herself, her community, and her future. The girl who goes for the Gold embraces challenges, achieves excellence, and works diligently to make the world a better place, in her own unique way. Her leadership, vision, and boundless energy is an inspiration to all Girl Scouts. Each girl earning her Gold Award demonstrates excellence through a leadership project totaling more than 65 hours. Girls who earn their Gold Award are also recognized by the President of the United States, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Armed Services, state legislatures, colleges and universities for admission and scholarship opportunities, and the American Legion.