Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 GSNCA Property Evaluation

Let’s Get Outside!
Troop 30117- Juniors from Hoover Valley Service Unit 
Research shows that outdoor experiences are an important part of the Girl Scout experience.  Those experiences can take place in local, state or national parks, in backyards, on the beach or in the water, and, of course, at Girl Scout camp.  Girl Scouts get outdoors in troop events, service unit events and council events.  Going outside in Girl Scouting is not just about experiencing the natural environment or learning and practicing outdoor skills. Nature also can be a great classroom for STEM, the arts, sports, teambuilding exercises and more.  Whatever they do and wherever they do it, getting outdoors helps Girl Scouts learn things such as environmental responsibility, self-reliance, and confidence.   As adults in Girl Scouting, we know those things will last a lifetime – as will many of the friendships and memories made under a brilliant sun, beneath a starlit sky, within cabin or canvas walls, and around the warmth of a campfire.   

The merger of the four legacy councils a few years ago brought together a number of Girl Scout program properties within the jurisdiction of the merged 36 county council Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama.  The Property Committee is working on an evaluation of each of those properties, including but not limited to:  the size, topography and location of each property; how each one is used, how much and by whom; the nature and condition of the existing improvements; deferred maintenance; future possibilities; etc.  Concurrently, the committee is developing strategic objectives for the overall GSNCA program property portfolio; i.e., the ideal mix of what kind of properties and improvements will best meet the needs of tomorrow’s girls. The work being done by the Property Committee is independent of any past property assessments, plans or recommendations.  We are starting with a clean slate and open minds. 

Share the Past, Shape the Future:  Add Your Voice

An Affinity Group has been formed for each of GSNCA’s program properties.  The groups are made up of volunteers, parents, girls and community groups who have experience at and an interest in each of the properties.  The groups are charged with gathering information from a wider constituency to provide input for the Property Committee to consider in its evaluation.  Help the Affinity Groups by sharing your thoughts, experiences and opinions. 
The property evaluation process should answer the following questions that are important to the future of the organization. Think about these questions, in relation to the property or camp that you are remarking on, before sending your opinion to the Affinity Group:
• How do we want girls’ future to be different because of their Girl Scout Leadership Experience?

• What do we want to do and what resources do we want to use?

• How do we want girls’ lives to be different as a result of the Girl Scout outdoor experiences?

• Is outdoor programming, outdoor education, and/or play space learning the best way to accomplish the mission?

To provide input, contact the following members of the Affinity Groups:
Camp Anderel – Mitsy Fitipaldi  mfitt@knology.net
Camp Coleman – Brooke Moore blmoore01@gmail.com
Camp Cottaquilla – Sabrina Rucker srucker1025@gmail.com
Kanawahala Program Center – Heather Klinner hklinner@perrysupply.com
Camp Tombigbee – Laura Green laura@imsdevelopment.net
Camp Trico – Jean Downs  jean.downs@teledyne.com   Staci Krupp skrupp@knology.net

Tentative Timeline
October 5, 2014 - Property Committee will meet to determine criteria and assign accountability for reports.
October 9, 2014 – Property Committee will hear Affinity Group presentations
November 2, 2014 – Property committee hear Affinity Group presentations

November – March – The Property Committee will conduct site visits, evaluate reports/data, discuss opportunities, and form recommendations.