Friday, September 26, 2014

GSNCA Announces Restructure of Membership, Volunteer and Program Department

We Heard You!
Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama is proud to announce a new staff structure of the membership, volunteer and program department. 
The “MVP” team structure:
  • Will increase the services available close to where girls and volunteers live
  • Is based on building creative volunteer-staff partnerships to deliver the Girl Scout Mission in all parts of the council.
    • Service Unit Teams will be paired with MVP teams, each comprised of a membership, a volunteer and a program staff person. One member of the MVP team will be the primary contact and the other two will be available as needed.
  • Each staff person will be a specialist, supporting Service Unit membership in different ways.
    • Membership and Community Development Managers will be the driving forces in creating ways to push membership forward.
    • Volunteer Services Managers will be able to focus on the support and development of volunteers to help them be effective and want to return the next year.
    • GSLE Managers will not only be focused on council-level events, but will also work with Service Unit volunteers to develop knock-your-socks-off regional and Service Unit-wide events to serve girls close to home. They will support troops using the Girl Scout Program Portfolio.

The more readily available these services and support are, the more volunteers will receive the assistance and encouragement they need to help girls in our council Discover, Connect and Take Action and become the leaders of tomorrow.
The "MVP" team structure will not:
  • Impose service lines that you cannot cross. Regional lines are drawn to help us organize services. They are not fences that lock you in or out. Regardless of your region, you will be welcome at training and events wherever they occur. The job of the MVP team is to make your volunteer service convenient for you and accessible for your Girl Scouts and all girls who would like to be Girl Scouts today and in the future.
  • Be perfect from day one. We ask for you patience and assistance as we transition staff into new positions. We are taking these transitions as slow or as fast as necessary to ensure you still receive first-rate service.
  • Displace any staff members. All who applied for jobs in the new structure were placed. A few staff members took this opportunity to retire or change careers. All will be missed and we wish them well in their endeavors. Of course, all former staff members are welcome to volunteer!

The staff and board of the Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama are excited about refreshing our approach to providing the Girl Scout experience to our 36 counties. We hope you will join our dedicated volunteers, as well as our staff members in their new roles, as we lay the foundation for the leaders of tomorrow. Please view the map below to see which region your service unit belongs to.